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The November theme for Loot Crate was Magical, celebrating mystical incantations and arcane adventures! I fully believe in magic, I have to, it’s what keeps me going! Maybe not necessarily in Disney magic or movie magic but I believe that magic is everywhere, in the everyday, in the kindness we show other people, in laughter, in music, in food, in science and medicine and many, many other things, magic is all around you if you look for it. 
And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.‘ – Roald Dahl
Lets have a look at the magical items in the crate.

EXCLUSIVE Doctor Strange Q-Fig (Licensed by Marvel, made by QMx)
‘The reality you know may be one of many, but this adorable Doctor Strange Q-Fig is exclusive to Looters! Keep this compact Sorcerer Supreme close by for those particularly nasty supernatural situations.’
I really like the Q-Fig figures, we now have 5, it think, I counted them but I’m still not 100%, but yeah, I think they are really cool. This one is right up there, I love his little flowy cape and the fact that it kinda does look like Cumberbatch. I have not seen the film yet, as usual, I will probably have to wait until the Blu-Ray release.

EXCLUSIVE Big Trouble in Little China/ Escape From New York Comic (BOOM! Comics)
‘Kurt Russell meets… Kurt Russell? With a little bit of magic, anything can happen. Can this epic double-team of action movie grit take down the world’s most powerful sorcerer, Lo-Pan? This first issue variant cover is exclusive to Looters, and with stakes higher than ever before,  you can’t afford to miss it.’
I only recently managed to get Jim to watch Big Trouble in Little China, he loved it obviously! This comic is awesome and that is all there is to say about it really.
EXCLUSIVE Game of Thrones Journal (Licensed by HBO, made by Caden Concepts)
‘The Red Woman hides a deep, dark secret underneath her effortlessly youthful visage, and now you can jot down your own epic stories in this gorgeous Game of Thrones journal. But beware: the warnings are true and Winter has come.’

Winter has indeed come and as we are about to start a new year, what better to venture into it than with an awesome new journal to jot down your bullet journal and sundries. As you can see above, the front cover is Melisandre as we know her, and the back cover is Melisandre’s hidden self. It’s a great quality journal, with a leather effect cover and red page edges. The only annoying thing is, inside, bar a Melisandre paragraph on the front page, nothing says Game of Thrones.

EXCLUSIVE Fantastic Beasts Obliviator T-Shirt (Licensed by Warner Brothers, made by Bioworld)
‘Protect and serve the wizarding world and the Muggles around you by joining the Magical Congress of the United States of America as an Obliviator! It’ll take a pretty extreme memory charm to forget how stylish this tee is.’
Gah! I LOVE this t-shirt, even if it is a unisex style shape, it’s lush. The fit is fantastic, it’s so comfy and both the tee and print are great quality. Biggest downside, so many Muggles will be wearing it now. No, I haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts either but I reeeeeeaaaaaaaallllly want to, soon, soon!

EXCLUSIVE The Elder Scrolls Online Pin (Licensed by Bethesda Softworks, made by Loot Crate)
‘Make every day an epic adventure with this exclusive pin that unlocks special Elder Scrolls game play!’
I own Elder Scrolls on both the PC and PS4 and I love it and so does Jim, although we do need to play the PS4 version more. The pin is awesome and so is the digital loot, the only problem is deciding who gets to use.
I thought this month was great, each item was awesome but overall it did feel a little bit like something was missing, what do you think? The December theme is going to be Revolution, with items from Firefly, Assassin’s Creed and Mr Robot! If you fancy signing up in time for this one pop over here and you can get $5 off your first month.
Do you believe in magic?

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