Toon Link Inspired Nails

These are close to being Christmassy because of the colours and I even had someone mistake them for Christmas nails today too, so I’m still in the festive mood. But it’s been a while since I nerded up my nails, so when I received an embellishment wheel from Born Pretty Store and I saw triangle studs, I knew straight away what had to be done, I expect most gamers would instantly think Triforce when they see gold triangles, because obviously! I went for Toon Link on this nail art, purely because his colours are brighter and I also had an idea for his belt.
The stud wheel actually comes with 12 different stud/embellishment style, all in a pretty gold colour. The amount you get differs for each shape and you get more of the smaller studs. The holo triangles, circles and diamonds look flimsy but they are all pretty sturdy and don’t bend to a shape so if your nails are quite curved like mine, you will get bits sticking up but they cover well with a coat or two of Seche and they seem to hold well.

So I used the 3 triangle studs for the Triforce nail and for the belt I used one of the holo circles and one of the small round studs, I pushed the stud to one side of the circle to mimic the swirl shape on Link’s belt buckle, then I added black nail polish to the space. 
The base colour is Barry M Spring Green, for the hearts on the thumb I stamped from Moyou Geek 07 using Moyou White Knight, then coloured the hearts in using Ciate red Hot Chilli. For my index finger I stamped from that huge Warcraft plate I bought from AliExpress using Barry M Silver Foil and the blue is A-England Order of the Garter. Middle finger the v-neck is Barry M Key Lime, with Barry M Mushroom for the belt. And on the pinkie, I used a selection of reds from Barry M and Ciate and I attempted to use the method from Chalkboards Nails to do the Rupee, although I do kind of wish I had just stuck with one colour.
Overall I love this mani, even if it is a little bit too green. The studs are great and have done well, so far they have been through a hot bath, the gym and lots of catching fingers and scuffing. They have not started coming off, nor have they lost their colour.
You can find this wheel here for £1.78/$2.53 and don’t forget when you shop on Born Pretty Store, you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% of all non sale items.

Author: Chrissie

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