Geek Fuel December 2016

December was another good month for Geek Fuel, they are definitely getting better and better. Here’s hoping they start doing loose theme’s each month. Let’s go straight in and have a look at everything from this one.

Caveman Craig Downloadable STEAM Game
‘Caveman Craig is a unique strategy/survival game set in a prehistoric world of dinosaurs and cavemen. Play as Craig and decide the fate of man as you hunt, gather, and prepare your way to victory! Demonstrate new skills to your cavemen so they can contribute to the survival of your people.’
This sounds like another fun game that Kian will get on with and it has pretty positive reviews on STEAM so that’s a bonus.

EXCLUSIVE 8-Bit Gift Wrap
‘Share your love for retro gaming with those who will truly appreciate the genius of this 8-bit gift wrapping paper. Pick from a princess-saving super plumber, sword-wielding adventurer, or retro mega robot man.’
This wrapping paper is awesome, not to wrap anything with because Christmas is over but it would be cool to make 3 little framed prints with them. It was taken to Kian’s room because it was hectic with Christmas things going on, so what’s the bets it no longer exists in this dimension?

Wizard Wear Winter Scarf
‘We’ve got just the thing to keep all you aspiring wizards warm and looking fresh throughout the winter month’s. A certain magical creature swooped down to our Colorado office and dropped off a special parcel with the finest enchanted garments just for you.’
Harry Potter items are always welcome, even if he has said he no longer likes Harry Potter, *eye twitch*. The scarf is a nice fluffy kind of cosy and is long enough for kids and adults. The only downside is obvious, only Gryffindor colours and we are all Slytherin but I guess it would have been a bit of a nightmare to get it right for every subscriber so they went with just the one colour scheme.
The World According to Iron Man Book
‘These one-of-a-kind Marvel superhero books show an in depth breakdown of what it’s really like to be a superhero. They feature insider tips, step-by-step guides, pointers and so much more. Expect a wealth of removable bonuses including schematics, prop replicas, exclusive posters, and lots of extras.’
You could have got a Thor one instead, which would have been cool but Iron Man is obviously better. This is a really cool coffee table book and has lots of pull out and keep stuff and some cool pop up stuff. Definitely a good book for Marvel fans young and old.

EXCLUSIVE Epic Enamels Pin Droid Edition

‘These ARE the droids you’re looking for. Help G2-F2 find it’s way home across a galaxy far, far away. Episode II of our Epic Enamels limited edition Fuel pin series features Fuel as your favourite droid with an ultra rare G2-F5 edition for those chosen few.’
We didn’t get the rare variation again but this one is the best one in my opinion. We love R2D2 and Kian really does love the fact that he is starting his own pin collection. I still think this is such an awesome way to do pins and can’t wait to see who Fuel dresses up as next.

EXCLUSIVE Robocop ED-209 Urban Pacification Unit T-Shirt
‘Feeling a bit cyberpunk lately? Good, because we’ve got just what you need to get your retro-futuristic cyborg fix. These tees feature the infamous ED-209 Urban Pacification Unit and comes in his and hers colours so you can both “Serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law”.’
Awesome t-shirt, shame Kian has no idea what it is, he thinks it’s Titanfall even though we have told him otherwise multiple times, but if it gets him to wear it, who are we to argue.
So yeah, a pretty good month, my favourite things are the wrapping paper and pin! If you fancy signing up in time for this month, pop here: and get to getting.

Author: Chrissie

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