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I am having one of those weeks where I prepare stuff with the intention of completing things, for instance, photos for quite a few blog posts, which I had taken, edited and uploaded to the blog ready to go and then time seems to disappear and nothing actually gets completed. I intended to post everyday this week but here we are already on Thursday and I have done bugger all. But I have actually set aside time to do something today and that time ha snot disappeared.
So today is the December Loot Pets, which, in my opinion, is one of the best we have received, there is one item I would have changed if given the choice but you’ll see, so lets have a look.

EXCLUSIVE Loot Pets First Anniversary Pet Charm (Loot Pet Labs)
‘It’s important to remember where you’ve been so you can get somewhere new and exciting! This month’s charm celebrates Loot Pets’ one year anniversary’
This charm is awesome, I love the little floppy disc, I was slightly disheartened when Kian asked what a floppy disc was *feel old* This is a nice little memento for subscribers and here’s to many more anniversaries!

EXCLSUIVE Hacker_snacks.exe Dog Treats (Loving Pets)
‘Rise up against the forces of mediocre taste with these delicious beef dog treats, packed with everything your fuzzy best friend needs to start their revolution! NOTE: “Revolution” may involve trying to catch their own tail’
Kylo loved these treats, They were pretty much a jerky and these were devoured in only a few days. Win in my books.
Invader Zim Dog Bandana (Nickolodeon)
‘Need a rebellious new look? This stylish bandana features GIR, Zim’s sidekick, who tries to help start an alien invasion (poorly), and your dog neeeeeds it! It needs it or it will explode! That happens sometimes’
I have no idea if this is right, is this how you are supposed to put it on? It looks great on Kylo but it just isn’t for us, we would have much preferred a collar but that’s just how the cookie crumbles when you sub to a mystery box. it does look cute on her though and it’s pretty cool material so it might be re-purposed for something else.
Warriorz Plush (ZippyPaws)
‘All great revolution need heroes so we’re giving you one of five strong, stuffing-free Warriorz plush toys to win the day! Will you get the Gladiator, Ninja, Heroine, Archer or Knight?’
We got the Ninja which was definitely one of the best although the Heroine would have been cool as it looks like Wonder Woman. The stitching on the toy is holding up really well so far and the squeakers are the best squeakers I have ever seen in a dog toy! There is one in the head and one in the feet and they are cylindrical and even though she now breaks squeakers in toys in about 20 mins, these ones are still going strong with no signs of giving up. She also carries this toy around everywhere with her like she used to with the bacon and burger, she loves it!
EXCLUSIVE Rick and Morty Snowball Pet Blanket (Adult Swim)
‘Aw jeez, looter, d-don’t you wanna enhance your pup’s sleep experience with this superior, uh, blanket technology featuring Snuffles- er, Snowball from Rick and Morty? We promise your dog won’t use it to lead a coup and then leave the dimension, Looter.’
This blanket is awesome, it was in place of a t-shirt and I think it is a great addition to the crate and it’s Rick and Morty so that’s cool. Kylo likes it but prefers to sleep on it because it’s fluffy and warm. It’s fantastic quality too.
So that’s the December Loot Pets, I thought it was great, what did you think? If you fancy signing up you still have time to get in on the January crate, so pop here http://looted.by/eQNpu and get signed up and you will get $5 off your first month!

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