Loot Wear: Revolution Loot for Her

If you couldn’t tell already, the December Loot Wear was awesome. We got a Spider-Gwen Purse!!!
‘Marvel started a revolution when they brought Gwen Stacy back from the beyond during the Spider-Verse and this wallet, modeled after her costume, will help keep your change.’
It’s a standard, long, zip purse with a centre change pocket with space for notes on either side of it and enough card compartments to fit all my crap.
The purse feels sturdy enough, although it does feel a little bit foamy. The black and white are both matte and the pink is a semi-matte metallic pink.

The only downside is that mine turned up with a pretty deep dent in it, I’ve rubbed it and pushed from the inside and by the time I took these photos it had raised up a bit but it’s still there and I’m pretty sure it’s permanent. It obviously got squished in the post but it doesn’t take away from the awesome of the purse so I’m cool with it.
If this has made you want to sign up for Loot for Her or any other Loot Crate product, pop here http://looted.by/eQNpu and you can get $5 off the first month of your chosen sub!
What do you think of this month’s Loot for Her? I think this might have to be my inspiration for my ‘inspired by Loot Crate’ nails.

Author: Chrissie

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