Loot Crate: Revolution

All the crates arrived super late this month because of Christmas, in fact, Loot Gaming is still yet to arrive but hopefully it’ll be here soon. The December Loot Crate theme was Revolution, which I honestly think is pretty apt, look at the way the world is lately and it’s not hard to find people who are ready to revolt. But Loot Crates aren’t meant to be depressing so lets concentrate on the popular culture that this is actually representing and see what goodies we got.

EXCLUSIVE Assassin’s Creed Aguilar Funko POP! (Licensed by Ubisoft, Made by Funko)
‘Aguilar (played by Michael Fassbender in the Assassin’s Creed film) fights against the oppressive Templars as an assassin in 15th century Spain and now he can fight against tyranny on your display shelf in the form of this exclusive POP! Take a leap of faith and check out Assassin’s Creed in theaters starting December 21st.’
Ok, the POP! is up high now so I can’t double check but although there is no mention of how this is an exclusive, I’m pretty sure it’s the pose, but you should definitely never quote me on these things. A POP! is always welcome in this house and I’m quite looking forward to the movie. I am a bit dubious, game adaptations tend to not go well, so I’m always a little bit cautious in getting hyped for them.

EXCLUSIVE Firefly Independents Patch (Licensed by Fox, made by QMx)
‘Show the world that you’re still flying when you apply this exclusive patch- based on the original art files made by Firefly graphic designer Dylan Hay-Chapman- to your favourite brownish coloured coat or bag!’
LOVE THIS! I’m not 100% on what I am going to out it on but I’m either going to buy a t-shirt the right colour and put it on that or I’m going to buy fabric the right colour and make Kylo a coat and put it on that (how hard could a dog coat be?) or I’m going to apply it to the Kaylee travel case from the July Loot Wear!

EXCLUSIVE Figure Fantasy Hardcover Book (Insight Editions)
‘In this exclusive hardcover Looter Edition, photographer Daniel Picard shows off Sideshow Collectibles figures, featuring some of the biggest names in pop culture, rebelling against expectations in scenarios ranging from epic to the everyday. Includes a foreword by Simon Pegg and an afterword by Kevin Smith.’
Toy photography has become a huge thing and this book shows why. If done right the photos can look amazing, I follow a few people on Instagram who are really good at it, one of my top favourites being HRJoe Photography!
This is a fantastic coffee table book for nerds and Star Wars fans as there are a lot of Star Wars ones in there! Star Wars FTW!

EXCLUSIVE Mr. Robot FSociety T-Shirt (Licensed by NBCUniversal, made by Loot Crate)
‘Hello, Looter. Join in the crusade to take down Evil Corp and the rest of the top 1% of the top 1% alongside your fellow vigilante hackers with this tee available exclusive to revolutionaries like you!’
I haven’t watched Mr. Robot yet, it’s on my list and yes, I do have a lot of catching up to do on tv shows and movies but I’ll do that eventually. For the moment, this t-shirt means nothing to me but I suspect it will be one day. I haven’t even tried it on yet because I’m a terrible blogger but I do hope that the fit has gone back to normal, I still can’t fit in the Negan’s Sluggers t-shirt.
Assassin’s Creed Pin (Licensed by Ubisoft, made by Loot Crate)
‘Enter the Animus with this pin featuring the emblem of the Assassin Brotherhood.’
This pin is bloody awesome! I have now actually run out of space on my pin board so I’m going to have to upgrade it now. This pin perfectly matches the Loot Gaming pins too so would be well suited on a board with them. This month’s digital goodie was an excerpt from the new Assassin’s Creed: Heresy novel.
The box flips and folds into a building for Aguilar to prepare for a daring leap from. This photo was of course taken before the he was put up on high.
The December Loot was pretty good and I know I have said this a few time this year, but it really felt like something was missing from it but that being said, I did like what we did get.
I am super, super duper, excited for the January crate, the them is Origins and it will feature items from Superman, Marvel, Nintendo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (let’s hope it’s Donnie) So I can’t wait. If you fancy signing up in time for this one and getting $5 off your first month, pop here http://looted.by/eQNpu and get to getting! Let me know if you sign up or if you are already a subscriber and what you thought of the December crate!

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