Espionage Cosmetics Adamantium Wraps

Lets start February off with a bang, or a snikt! if you will. These Adamantium wraps from Espionage Cosmetics were the first of their wraps to ever go on my wishlist and if I remember rightly, it was the first time I had ever heard of EC so you have no idea how stoked I am to finally have these on my nails.
These have been my favourite of the wraps so far, not just because of the design but because the material was slightly different, I think, I have been super poorly so I could have imagined it or maybe it never really happened, oh my god, where am I? Am I even me? What even is this? arrrrggggghhh! No, wait, freak out over, it’s fine, it’s cool, it did happen and they are different! Slightly, maybe!
They are kind of a jelly type sticker with lots of little glitters on/in them. Even thought I had to be very careful not to stretch them, because it was easy to do so, I actually found them much easier to work with and apply smoothly than the others. I definitely think I am starting to get the hang of this nail wrap thing though, I might even be getting good at it!

They are so sparkly and look at that gradient on the ‘claws’! They are actual perfection!

It looks like Deadpool liked them too, although I think maybe he has got a bit confused and doesn’t want to admit it. Also, do you think he knows he’s reading a blank piece of paper? 
The Adamantium wraps are sold out now and unfortunately for all of us, they are discontinued too. But, they are loads more amazing wraps to choose from so use my code NMA15KAPOW to get 15% off if you order $25 worth of goodies! Don’t forget that you can also get $3 off a new Nexus or BOOM!Box sub if you use code BBKAPOWNX, so come on, what you waiting for? Nerd up those fingers!

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