Nerd Nails Acrylic Stamping Plates

Today I would like to introduce you to a relatively new company, that I came across on Instagram: Nerd Nails. I actually came across them when they were in their testing phase, before they had opened their Esty shop doors and as soon as they did I had to buy a plate.
Nerd Nails specialise in acrylic stamping plates and they are all very nerdy designs so how could I, well, how could anyone resist? I was Susanne’s first customer and because of this she very kindly sent me 2 other stamping plates to try out, I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package, such a sweet gesture.
Now, I haven’t done any mani’s with these yet but I plan on it very soon, hopefully once I am completely over this lurg but I wanted to show you how awesome these plates are straight away.

Here is the plate I bought, Super Mario, which was obviously going to be my first one, despite all the awesomeness happening on the shop. 
You can see from this angle that the plate is quite thick, and is definitely sturdy, there is no bending when handling the product and the design etchings look great. They are about the size of a standard large Moyou/Born Pretty Store plate and fit into standard plate holders.
The first of the additional plates that Susanne sent me is this Stranger Things plate! Everyone who is everyone is obsessed with Stranger Things, including me, and this plate was on my list of future purchases so I was super happy to see this in the box.  I love the top left image of the trees and the gang on bikes with the Demogorgon underneath, not to mention, yay! Barb! <3
The second additional plate I was sent was this Doctor Who plate. I have done a few Doctor Who mani’s in my time and this plate is pretty awesome, it’s got most things, in different variations and a few of the modern Doctors. 

I was a bit worried using the plates just in case the method was different. I know that acrylic plates have deeper etchings than metal plates and can sometimes pool a bit and give a smudged stamp but as you can see from the test stamps above, I did not have that problem. I used the same method, exactly, as I do normally and it worked fantastically, yes ok, so I stamped one Stranger Things stamp upside down (ha I see what i did there) and I got a twitch on the left stamp of the Super Mario ones so it does look a bit double stamp/smudged. Aside from my issues, it went perfectly.
I am super impressed with these plates and in the future, I definitely plan on getting more of them, especially the Supernatural, Sherlock and Comic Book Callouts ones. I highly recommend these, Nerd Nails is based in Sweden but it only took 4 days for them to get to me which is faster than some UK items I have bought recently.
Where to find Nerd Nails: Shop | Instagram
Let me know when you buy and which one/s you get!

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