Espionage Cosmetics Chainmail

Another awesome pair of espionage Cosmetics nail wraps today! These beauts are the Chainmail wraps and I think I have cracked it with these ones. The application went pretty much without a hitch this time and I think I’ve sussed it with the topcoat sitch. I wasn’t happy with how long the Adamantium wraps lasted and this was using the Barry M Plumpy topcoat, I wanted the solid finish of Seche but without the shrinkage, so this time I used one coat of Barry M Plumpy and waited until it was almost dry but not quite, then I added a coat of Seche. I applied them last night and this morning I have woken up to unshrunk (yay) and smooth nails. All these photos were taken this morning to prove it but I forgot that they don’t prove it unless I was holding today’s newspaper or something, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Plus, I obviously wasn’t going to miss out on a chance to become a Knight, so holding a sword takes precedence over holding a newspaper!
As usual, you get 14 wraps, 7 for each hand, in varying sizes, and in this case, 6 of each hand were chainmail and 1 was the dragon scale wrap which was in the middle of the sizing scale. This basically means that you can choose whichever nail you want to have as the accent, as long as you are good at trimming, I am not, so I went for the thumb! Each of the chainmail wraps has a spattering of silver glitter on them to make it so the light hits it and catches your eye sort of like real chainmail would. I haven’t taken these off yet and I’m really hoping I won’t have to over the next few days but we’ll see if my trick did the… erm… well… trick. Ahem!
Now get over there and grab some of these wraps so you can be a Knight too, we can be Knights of the Nail Table! No, not convincing, well, you can use code NMA15KAPOW for 15% off orders of $25 or more. If you’re looking for even more awesome, then you can use my code BBKAPOWNX for $3 off any new Boom!Box or NEXUS subscription!

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