Zoya Carter

Today I have Zoya Carter to show you, this is from their Pixie Dust range and I bought this along with Waverly with some of my Christmas money a while back.
I was hesitant to post this polish, because even though it looks gorgeous in the photos, I had a lot of kerfuffle to get it to this state. I applied it with base coat, without base coat. Thin coats and thick coats. Waiting ages for the first coat to dry before I applied the second coat. I shook it up and gave it time to settle before I applied it. I got through a quarter of the bottle, in one day and each time I applied it, it was drying to a matte, glitter jelly finish, no grit or texture in sight. 
The last time I applied it, I applied it over base coat, two thin coats and it still lacked in texture… until an hour later! An hour later, it suddenly started to become textured, like it was slowly curing or something. The texture wasn’t very textured but it was finally there and it enabled me to get these photos and it is gorgeous but after my lovely experience with Waverly I expected more from my second Zoya Pixie Dust.

Carter is a royal purple with magenta glitter that sparkles beautifully. Aside from the kerfuffle, it actually applied really nicely and and had a great formula. Clean up was ok and removal was a definite workout, as all textured polishes are.
I paid £13 for Carter, which is a little bit pricey for a polish that got wasted so much, but I do love it when it gets to it’s final form, it’s absolutely stunning. You can buy it here if you’re after it and I haven’t heard of anyone else ever having and issue like this so I expect it is a one off.
Sorry today’s post was pretty much me bitching but look at the pretty pictures, oooooh, aaaaaaaaah!
Hope this week is treating you well so far!

Author: Chrissie

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