Wikkid Polish GITDs Yellowellow and Uh Oh Orange

Gah! I wanted to get this put up last night but I was so freakin tired, I just couldn’t push myself the last bit of the way, but it’s up now and you can enjoy these pretties.
This is the second half of the Wikkid Polish GITD Neons that are going up for sale at 6pm tonight when the shop re-opens, So lets get into it and check out these gorgeous polishes, it’s a pretty photo heavy post so click the jump to see the rest.
First up is Yellowellow. Like all neons, they are much brighter in real life and they show my skin as a weird colour in most photos. 

Yellowellow has a great formula, the first coat applied patchy but evened with the second coat. It did need a third coat to bring it to this level of opacity, just so the nail line isn’t visible at all. 

It dried to a semi-matte finish and of course dried a teensy bit gritty because of the glow granules, this was sorted out by one coat of Seche.

The glow shows more green but is very pretty and glows well. As usual I charged this up with a UV torch before taking the photo.

The UV reaction on Yelowellow is awesome and glows very much like a high vis jacket.
This pretty is Uh Oh Orange, and it is absolutely beautiful. 
It applies like a dream and could definitely be a one coater, although I did 2 coats just out of habit. It dries to a semi-matte finish, which I actually really like with this colour, if anyone could make a semi-matte rubbery look orange polish or range of polishes including an orange I would definitely buy them. It also dries slightly gritty and again is sorted by one coat of Seche.

Once the Seche is added Uh Oh Orange looks like a gorgeous neon orange creme.

Now look how awesome the glow is on this one! It did take a little bit more of a charge to glow than the others but for this glow but I don’t care, it’s lush. Uh Oh Orange is definitely my favourite of the whole collection!

The UV reaction is a little bit more muted than the others but still. look at it! It’s gorgeous. 
The moment Sarah mentioned to me that she was doing neon glow in the dark polishes I have wanted to do a gradient. I tried with Greeeen and Piiink but it didn’t meet my expectations but look at all four of them together!!! Reminds me of the traffic light lollies a bit. Now prepare yourself for this! You might want to sit down! You have been warned!

LOOK AT THIS GLOW! I’m dead! I’m actually dead right now! This gradient glow is beautiful and makes everything ok, if I could have it in this state, every minute of every day then I would. I would give up the chance to wear any other pretties just for this. I probably wouldn’t, I mean, I’d try and then start to waver a little after a week, then I’d probably stealth try new polishes and put this back on so now one would notice, then after a few weeks I’d just put on new pretties and ignore anyone when they pointed it out and be done. But the point here is that I’d try!!!
Of course you want to know if it stamps and watermarbles.
Kind of! Uh Oh Orange stamps really well and shows up bright over white but more of a browny colour over black. Yellowellow is a pain in the ass to stamp for some reason, when you scrape, it coats the plate around the stamp with a thin layer of polish (no matter how you scrape) and, as evident on the yellow over black, the stamper picks it up as a block almost and it stamps as the image with a slight haze over it. Over black it shows as green but it looks like a gorgeous, bright and neon yellow, so perfect, if only I could get the scraping bit down. Be aware, if you stamp with glow in the dark polishes, then because of the glow granules, you risk scratching your plate around the image with thin scratches!
Watermarbling, argh! It does work! I managed to get the colours to spread in the water. I managed to get a design done but when it came to picking up on a nail or a stamper, it just wouldn’t work. But I imagine that anyone who is not a level 1 watermarbler like myself would be able to make a good go of it. So because I fluffed it, I did this pretty dry marble instead!

Stamped glowing is not perfect, Uh Oh Orange over black barely showed up at all while it looked pink over white. Yellowellow glowed green over white but showed as blue over black.

And of course they both looked great in the UV reaction. You can see more of what I was saying about how Yellowellow stamped here, on my index finger.
You can check out my swatches of the other two in the collection here. Don’t forget, all of these polishes will be available at 6pm tonight on the Wikkid Polish store and you can find all the Wikkid Polish links below.
Which one is your favourite?

Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook


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