Geek Fuel Feb 2017

This cover is great, anyone else get the switch? What do you think of it? If you didn’t, do you have any interest in it or even what do you think of it from afar?
 It was another good month for Geek Fuel in my opinion, so let’s jump in straight away and see if you agree with me.

EXCLUSIVE Archibald’s Adventure STEAM Game
‘What do you do when you’re trapped in a mad professor’s house with all his weird experiments ow running loose? Solve every puzzle and find a way out.’
This looks like a great puzzle platformer and I think Kian will really like it. I love that this one came on an actual plastic game card so if we wanted to blag it as a gift we could. I’m just kidding, or am I? Nah, I’m kidding, maybe! 
EXCLUSIVE 8-Bit Portable Charger
‘When you’re stranded without power, it can feel hopeless. What if you need to catch a lift/ Saving the day is this sword-like portable power source.’
Holy frak, that’s awesome! And the box it came in is pretty awesome too. I love that nowhere does it mention Zelda but it so blatantly is but I really love it. On the front of the box is has a triangle and it says ‘The power of the Sword portable charger’.I already predict I will offer a swap for this with Kian (I did but it is an item from the Loot Crate which I will post soon so all will be revealed). 

EXCLUSIVE Hero in Training Poster Print by Juan Muniz
‘You can’t just become a hero, it takes years of training. Starting out young, this little bat boy knew he was destined for greatness.’
There were 2 variations of this print, one was rare, we did not get the rare one. This is pretty cool and hopefully Kian will start to build up his print wall soon. Although if everyone could make their prints A4 or A5 so that he can buy the frames for them from Poundland, thanks. It’s a great print on high quality paper and a COA.

Nuka-World Amusements T-shirt
‘It all seemed a lot more amusing before you actually showed up. Now the games are deadly and the crews are lawless. Leading gangs and taking over sections of the park in your quest to beat the Commonwealth is the only thing you’ll be doing. But man, those souvenirs…’
As usual a great quality tee with a fab print. It also has a thumbs up printed on the back just below the collar. The fit was perfect too.

EXCLUSIVE Epic Enamels Stranger Edition
‘In the real world, all we know is that sometimes you can get turned upside down and never find your way out. Will you stay above ground or get sucked down with a limited-edition underworld pin?’
Oh! My! Cheesus! This pin is awesome! They knocked it out of the park again. So there were actually 3 versions of this pin, the Dustin pin which was the common one, the Demogorgon which was the rare one, then the Upside Down Will which was super rare. The Demogorgon pin looked cool but I’m happy we got the Dustin one.
Nuka-World Amusements Ticket
‘Looking to find that “fizzy fun” the whole family will enjoy? Hop on the post-apocalyptic train to this pre-war amusement park and throw the kids to the raiders! While you’re there, check your ticket number and see if you’re a lucky winner!’
We didn’t win! I wonder if anyone did and what the prizes were.
So what did you think of the February Geek Fuel? Which item was your favourite? I am definitely feeling that 8-bit portable charger, it’s so bloody cool. Anyway, if you like what you see, pop over here to sign up now!

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