Polished By Leanne is Coming Back!!!

Most of you would have heard this news already and some of you may be wondering what I mean because you all read Leanne’s blog and she hasn’t gone anywhere but what I mean is Polished By Leanne, the UK indie nail polish brand is coming back soon and I am super excited. I am super excited for Leanne as I know she loved making polishes and it was a tough decision for her to cease doing so but also because Leanne asked me to swatch these two lovely polishes from her first collection called ‘Lets go to the beach’! 

Wriggle Ya Toes
Wriggle Ya Toes is a gorgeous yellow gold with added sparkle. 
It’s quite sheer on the first coat but builds up easily. I am wearing two coats with no topcoat, yes, it dries that smooth and shiny on it’s own. It’s very easy to clean up and easy to remove with no staining.
Lil’ Starfish
Lil’ Starfish is a beautiful coral with a subtle golden shimmer. 

It is very pigmented and could easily be a one coater but I recommend two thin coats. It dries to a smooth and glossy finish although I am wearing two coats with Seche. Clean up was very easy and did not stain my skin. Removal was easy and I didn’t experience any staining although I would definitely recommend a good base coat just in case. 
Wriggle Ya Toes works as a fab topcoat to Lil’ Starfish and would probably work over most other polishes to give a beautiful golden sheen. This combination makes Lil’ Starfish look a bit more orange than it is. This is one coat of Wriggle ya Toes over two coats of Lil’ Starfish and topped with Seche.
Give Rebecca (Baby_Mama_Nails) a follow for swatches of the other two polishes coming from the Lets go to the Beach collection and some other amazing nail art. You can keep up with Leanne on any or all of the links below to get news and updates about when she opens shop and these gorgeous polishes are available and also pop and have a read of her blog and give her a cheeky follow too!
Where to find Polished By Leanne: Blog | Instagram | Shop Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 
Hope you’re having an awesome Friday so far!

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