Nerd Made! Ghostbuster Tested!

Today’s notd is Ectoplasm from Espionage Cosmetics. These slimey nail wraps really got the Ghostbusters riled right up, I’m pretty sure Venkman is whispering sweet nothings to the slime to see if he can get it to back off a bit.
Looking at them in their packet, I thought the wraps were white with green slime but the white was the backing, they are actually see through and I was a little disappointed at first, but rather than waste the prep and the wrap I had just peeled off, I decided to embrace the naked nail look. It was weird at first and I’m pretty sure people were judging me for having naked nails in public but the slime took their attention away from the nakedness, and so, I have grown to like this look just a little and as usual I have a few wraps left over so they will definitely be utilised at Halloween.
You can’t have Ectoplasm nails without thinking of or adding a touch of Ghostbusters, so I stamped the Ghostbusters logo using MyOnlineShop MJXLII and Colors By Llarowe The Heart Bleeds which is holo, so extra fun!
These wraps again felt different, almost thicker but were actually easier to apply and they applied really well, I only had one little bump on one nails that was a bit of a dick to keep down. As you can see, being see through, they show all the air bubbles I trapped from my mediocre application skills but they kind of work, you’ll see why I think so in a min. It definitely looks like I cracked it with the topcoat sitch, same as last time, one coat of Barry M Plumpy and one coat of Seche before the Plumpy has fully dried. I had no problem with it and the wraps lasted a good few days no problem.

Speaking of extra fun, these also glow in the dark, and really brightly too. The glow kind of bounces off the air bubbles making them glow too and gives a really cool effect. Plus you can still kind of see the no-ghosts logo too.
You can still buy these wraps here, they are sold out atm but look like they are going to be coming back into stock, so keep watch. Don’t forget, if you haven’t used it already then you can use my code NMA15KAPOW for 15% off any orders over $25. Oh and check out the Boom!Box and NEXUS subs, if you want to join up to these then you can use my code BBKAPOWNX for $3 off any new sub.
Stay awesome nerds and nailies!

Author: Chrissie

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