Espionage Cosmetics Masks Blue & Red Wraps

I think we can all benefit from a superhero in our pockets at one time or another, I know I definitely could. Who would you have in your pocket? 

These are the Masks wraps in Blue & Red although weirdly, my topcoat took off all the blue and just left it with silver glitter, bit annoying but they still look cool. 
These wraps felt much thinner and easier to work with than any I have tried before and they only needed light filing to remove the excess which was both awesome and a curse because on a few spots I accidentally over-filed and left a few bald spots. The topcoat situation is definitely still holding up, minus the colour removal, but for now I am going to keep doing the one coat of Barry M and one coat of Seche.
So that’s today’s notd, if you fancy these, you can also get them in orange & pink, purple & teal, cyan & lime and silver & gold, some of which are being discontinued so you can nab them for $5. Don’t forget that you can use my code NMA15KAPOW for 15% off an order over $25 on your account once. Oh and you can get $3 off any new BOOM!Box or Nexus sub if you use code BBKAPOWNX
Have an awesome week!

Author: Chrissie

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