Inspired by Loot Wear:TMNT Pizza Nails

Normally with Loot Crate inspired nails, I try to make my nails look more like the item than anything else, but rather than do my nails as just one massive pizza slice like the Loot Wear bag, I wanted to do a TMNT theme but with pizza included! 
Let me tell you now, those tiny masks were an absolute bitch to do and I had to redo them a good few times, for numerous reasons but mostly topcoat smears and of course, none of the redos were as good as the first time. 
Apart from the pizza, this was all freehand using a variety of polishes including NYC Lexington Yellow, Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Raspberry, Barry M Mango, Barry M Damson, Barry M Turbo Charged and Barry M Cotton. The pizzas were from Moyou Cook Book 05, I stamped them in Moyou White Knight and then roughly coloured in over the top. I topped everything with Seche and then added a coat of Barry M Matte topcoat.
I haven’t been doing many nerdy nails lately and it’s annoying me because I have bought all these awesome stamping plates and I could do so much but I feel like my motivation for doing anything creative is right down. What nerdy nails would you like to see? Or even normal nails! 

Author: Chrissie

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