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Loot Wear this month followed the BUILD theme and this item is definitely one of the best things to build, I’m sure most of you will agree. I kind of spoilered this month for myself, I knew it was going to be a Ninja Turtles item and my love for the Turtles is strong so when the email came through from Loot Wear marked with spoiler alerts I just had to scroll down, I’m weak.
The worst thing is, because I knew what it was and because I really wanted it, it took bloody ages to arrive, so long in fact, that I thought it was lost or stuck at Customs, so I contacted Customs and they wouldn’t help but then it turned up next day, yay!

EXCLUSIVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Purse
‘Cowabunga! Nothing builds a team like pizza and now anytime can be pizza time with this stylish TMNT purse, perfect for a night on the town or a showdown with Shredder!’
Look how bloody awesome that is! Its a one pocket purse, Nickolodeon branded, made from 100% PU leather and it has a silver chain which clips on and off at the sides, although I think that the chain needs to be a little bit longer, it’s fine for if you wear it just on one shoulder but if you want to put it over your head and arm, then it would be right in your armpit, so just a smidge longer would be better.

The sewer covers on the front are actually printed and embossed and I honestly think that the Turtles logo would have been awesome if it was embossed too.

The chain seems pretty sturdy and it has a double zip with holes on them so there are plenty of places for keyrings or anything else you want to clip on to it. I might pop the Turtles pin badge from last months Loot Crate onto one of the sewer covers just to jazz it up a bit.

As an added bonus, here is a super awkward photo of me in a state of Turtley Awesome! I debated with myself for hours about posting this photo, I do not like it but it’s out there now so I have to deal! 
I took my Donnie POP! Vinyl keyring off my Turtles backpack just for this photo but I think a POP! vinyl keyring would look great on this, do they do a splinter or Shredder one? Or maybe I should get a Raph one. I might take the chain off this and use it as like a purse of something inside my backpack or clip it on the strap and use it as a phone pocket or something. I might end up with way too much Turtles stuff on at one time.
I really actually love this and it’s the first Loot for Her item I have been proper excited about, I have been thinking about cancelling Loot for Her as it’s just not thrilling me anymore, then I can sit in my corner and wait impatiently for Loot Crate to do a Loot Wear Leggings sub!!!
If you fancy signing up to any Loot Crate subs including Loot for Her, go here to do it now and get these awesome goodies that you are missing out on!
Have an an awesome weekend!

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Loot Wear: Loot for Her: Build

    1. Wouldn't it be amazing??? I have been waiting so long! The pair of Star Trek leggings are so awesome and comfy that I have bought them in 2 extra sizes so as I am losing weight I still have them to wear. I have already gone down one size 😀 But they definitely need to do some more in the same quality as those ones.

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