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As usual, this month’s Loot Pets follows the same theme as Loot Crate, which was BUILD. 
If you read my Loot Pets posts, you’ll know that I was really happy with the items we got in the December and January crates and even though there were some blips with the treats, I thought that the boxes were curated well, they had a good balance of item types. You can probably guess where this post is going, I am not happy with this month’s crate at all, the balance of item types is off and the quality of one item is really bad. I really hope the March crate goes back to the previous format and it would be nice to see the t-shirts come back too, Kylo’s wardrobe is looking a little sparse still. In my opinion, the crate should have one toy, one functional item, treats, a t-shirt and a collar charm, that’s the perfect, balanced crate. But lets see if you have the same opinion as me, lets check out the items.

EXCLUSIVE Iron Man Plush Tug Toy (Fetch4Pets)
‘Tony Stark built himself a new set of armor that’s a bit softer so your pup can chomp and chew to their heart’s content. Plus, there’s a fun squeaker insider and durable rope for tug of war (machine) games!’
Kylo was stoked by this toy, she loved the squeaker and she really wanted to play tug with it.

But it lasted less than 5 minutes and this was just with her chewing it, it didn’t even get to the point where we played tug because I was busy at the time. The material on this is really flimsy and there are holes all over from just her chewing on it and I have no idea how you are expected to play tug with it, a Chihuahua would be able to, maybe but any other dog over that size would likely rip it quick. very disappointed with this toy.

Alien Flex Rubber Wrench Toy (Spunky Pup)
‘Every do-it-yourself dog needs a good set of tools, and this runner wrench you smells just like sizzling bacon so your pup will never want to put it down!’

This one is a little better. It’s a solid rubber toy with lots of bumps and bits to chew on and it did smell of a really stinky bacon and Kylo did like it, she has chewed pretty much a whole end off it now so it’s not amazing but it’s better.

EXCLUSIVE K-9 Bark Bots Dog Treats (Loving Pets)
‘Our top engin-eaters put together these chicken flavored treats, shaped like little, red robots to defend your dog from the forces of hunger!’

Well Kylo thinks they smell good!

She likes them, so that’s good and she has been happily eating them whenever they’ve been given to her so that’s a win.

EXCLUSIVE Power Rangers Megazord Charm (PrideBites)

‘When the Rangers need to take on their biggest foes, they join forces to form the Megazord. Put this charm on your dog’s collar to celebrate the power of teamwork!’

The collar charm is the same as the pin from Loot Crate and it’s pretty awesome. It’s the best thing from this crate and Kylo thinks so too, but that’s not a good thing is it?
What did you think of the February BUILD Loot Pets? Was your opinion the same as mine?
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Stay awesome!

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