Born Pretty Clear Jelly Monocle Stamper

We are pretty much in the era of perfect stampers now I think. Most stampers that come out have a similar style or head that enables us to pick up the entire image with no imperfections, position the image just right with no visual distortion through the stamper, and a big percentage of them now come with a cap so that you can store it away without damaging the head or so that you can protect the decals you made until you come to using them.
The only thing that seems to be happening now, that I didn’t expect, is that the stampers are getting smaller. This stamper is the Born Pretty Store clear, jelly, monocle stamper. It’s 2cm in height, and 3.5cm in diameter, and it comes with a lid and 2 flexible scrapers.
The head is a firm, jelly head, it is not sticky and as you can see, it picks up fairly well! (Image from BPL-62, nail art coming soon.)
The main problem I encountered with this stamper was the fish bowl effect when trying to stamp onto my nail, as it gets closer to the nail, the view distorts and makes it harder to place. This is something that I thought had been eliminated in newer stampers. When you go to the product page for this item, you will see that there is a red, metallic stamper available as well, that stamper has a removable base, which would definitely make it easier and would likely remove the chance of the fish bowl effect, so I do wonder why that isn’t a feature on this one.

Clockwise from this one: BPS Clear Jelly Monocle, Creative Shop Galaxy Stamper, Creative Shop Stamper original (I think), BPS Starry Sky Stamper and the Clear Stamper from the Danglefoot Nail Polish UK Indie Box.
As I said, it picks up fairly well and for the price it’s definitely a fantastic clear stamper to start with but as you can see above, most of the other stampers I have are marginally, if not far superior to this one. Yes, ok, if we are arguing the fact, 3 of these stampers are not clear stampers and most of them are much more expensive but it’s a good gauge on the quality of the stamp.
If you fancy this stamper, you can find it here on sale for £2.10/$2.99 for the clear and silver varieties but if you fancy that removable base red one, you’ll need to add another £0.70/$1.00 onto the price. Don’t forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items, just pop it in at checkout.

Author: Chrissie

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