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What nails would be better for celebrating your 31st birthday than pop art nails? As soon as I saw the BPL-62 stamping plate come up on Born Pretty Store I had to buy it and I already had a mani in my head pretty much straight away. As you can see, all of the nails have been done using reverse stamping and I used Moyou Black Knight, NYC Lexington Yellow, Ciate Red Hot Chilli, a Moyou blue stamping polish I can’t find the name of, Barry M Cotton, Barry M Rose Hip and Barry M Mango.

Here is a better look at my thumb nail, I’ve decided she is a demon because of her eyes. I tried adding a bit of white to them but it looked weird so I made them black again. this nail is probably my second favourite just after the red head!

And look! It’s a very rare appearance from Cindy! I had to show you what I had done on Cindy to because I thought it was very cute. On this hand I used Moyou Black Knight, the unnamed Moyou blue, an unnamed Moyou purple, Barry M Rose Hip, Ciate Red Hot Chilli, NYC Lexington and Danglefoot Nail Polish Steal a Kiss.
I absolutely love this plate and definitely recommend it if you like pop art or comic book style things. I love this mani so much and I even did the same mani on my friend to but she had two hands the same design, not the Cindy design!
Now I’m off to eat all the carbs and do absolutely nothing for a while. Enjoy Easter weekend and even if you don’t celebrate it, enjoy all the chocolate you can.
Stay Awesome!

Author: Chrissie

6 thoughts on “Pop Art Nails

  1. These are super cool man! I never, EVER do anything on my Cindy unless I'm going on holiday xD and even then its wraps xD I'm super happy you did a mani all for yourself on your birthday! #goals!

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