Polished By Leanne Hang Loose and Ocean Breeze

Yes, get excited! Polished By Leanne has a new collection coming out and it’s channelling 

the summer. There are four polishes in the collection, I have two to show you now and you can check out the stunning swatches of the other two polishes over on the Lady and the Stamp Instagram, Debbie has already posted them and they are lush!

Lets check out Hang Loose and Ocean Breeze.

Hang Loose is a beautiful purple with a scattered holo. Excuse the weird skin colour, my camera has little meltdowns with certain colours, purple being one of them, and washes out my skin.
And Ocean Breeze is an incredible turquoise, also with a scattered holo.
They are both sheer polishes with a fantastic formula. They dry fast and to fab, shiny finish. Each of these photos is 3 coats with NO topcoat!!! Look at that shine. 
They would both work really well for layering nail art or that jelly sandwich look. I really think these would be fab for toes because they are so bright and sparkly.

The moment I saw them I knew I had to do some nail art with them together and my initial though was a dreamy gradient, but because of their jelly like sheerness it did take a few coats to do so I nearly gave up on that idea, but I added a few finishing touches and it was definitely worth it. I then stamped over the gradient with images from Bundle Monster BM-505 and BM-509 and Moyou White Knight and I topped it all with a coat of Seche. The sparkle it has is perfect.
Leanne hopes to release this collection on April 28th so get your pennies ready for these beauties!
Where to find Polished By Leanne: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest
Hope you had an awesome long weekend!

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