Back to shorties! Espionage Cosmetics to the rescue!

Arrrgggghhhh, my index nail broke right the way down, so I had to (my brain can’t deal with one short and 9 long) cut them all down to around the same length. It’s weird how much you have to re-adapt doing thing when you nails go from long to short, especially using your phone. I have had very little motivation to do my nails lately and in desperate times, I turn to my Espionage Cosmetics stash and this time, it was the 8-Bit Hearts wraps that called to me. 

Now, I feel like this is going to make me look like a dumbass but I have been looking at the instructions for these wraps at least twice a month for nearly a year and I have never, NEVER, noticed that the topcoat phase was optional!!! I thought topcoat was a integral part of the process and as such had gone through a whole heap of annoyances with the topcoat phase. But this time I left topcoat out. I applied OPI Nail Envy, Barry M Cotton because the wraps were transparent and I thought they would look great over a white base, then I added the wraps, made sure everything was stuck down properly and went about my business. They lasted me 5 days! 5 days sans topcoat before I started to get tip wear, and they looked great the entire time. I was very impressed with these wraps before but I feel like this has really enhanced my perception of them.

These ones glow in the dark too. It was a little harder to capture because the hearts are pretty tiny really but I managed to snag this one photo that I thought was pretty awesome.
I am going to be wearing another set of Espionage Cosmetics wraps soon because International Tabletop Day is coming up this week and I have the perfect set put aside. Hopefully I’ll have some motivation soon and I can get on with other nails. I have thought of a few designs I might do so I just need a kick up the ass to actually do them!
If you’re feeling the urge, and we all know you are, you can use my code NMA15KAPOW to get 15% off an order over $25 (as long as you haven’t used the code before). These 8-Bit Hearts wraps are currently out of stock but there are so many fab wraps in stock right now so go get to getting. 
Or, if you fancy getting goodies on a monthly basis, sign up to NEXUS or BOOM!Box and use my code BBKAPOWNX to get $3 off a new subscription (can only be used once per customer).
Have an awesome week you beauteous weirdos!

Author: Chrissie

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