Yes! International Tabletop Day! An official, but totally not needed, reason to tabletop! I have been saving these Espionage Cosmetics DICE wraps specifically for today because, well, will you bloody look at them! Aren’t they just perfect? Here’s hoping they stave off the Wheaton curse! 
I’m sticking with the whole ‘topcoat optional’ thing and not using any, although I may add a matte topcoat at some point because I think these would look awesome mattified. I applied these over two coats of OPI Nail Envy and had no problem whatsoever in getting them on and getting them to stay on. I put them on last night and have had no shrinkage or wrinkling overnight.

OK, go gather your Meeples and your dice bag and lets play some motherfrackin’ board games! What is your game of choice? Do you prefer dice game to board games or are you a card game lover? Even if you just love a good game of Monopoly, you should definitely get in on the action today.
Have an awesome day!

Author: Chrissie

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