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Today was one of the more awesome days of the year, Free Comic Book Day! It’s a day when comic book stores pay for bundles of comics and give them away for free. I’ve heard some stores only let you choose one or two comics but our store allows you to take one of each comic that was available and this year they gave everyone in the queue a signed Doctor Who comic with a cool cover and they set up a treasure hunt with a goodie bag at the end. Me and Kian had a great day. We popped into Primark too (has to be done) but they didn’t have the GotG t-shirt that I really wanted. Then went to McDonalds, I know, I know, so unhealthy but a fun treat every now and then plus their banana milkshake is the bomb! I’m absolutely dying right now though, I’m in so much unbelievable pain but it was worth it, having a fun day with my boy.
Anyway, these were my nails for FCBD, I completely forgot to post them this morning even though I had enough time before we left, but honestly, I played a few games of Hearthstone just to give my anxiety some chill.

I did the FCBD upside down and didn’t realise until I had finished it but I think my writing is getting better!
I used my hēhē Super Hero 003 plate which is the HULK plate. It has some awesome images on there, although I do wish the word HULK was smaller, even with long nails I couldn’t have fit that on there. But the Super Hero plates are so bloody awesome, I really need to get the rest of the collection some day. 
The base is Barry M Silk Orchid, which is a gorgeous colour and dries matte but when you put a topcoat over it you see the lush sparkles and it annoys me that they no longer sell this, I’m going to have to get my eBay on for another bottle. The green is Barry M Spring Green and the white is Barry M Cotton. I made decals of the HULK, his fist punching and the punch clouds? I don’t know if ‘clouds’ is the right word but I’m sure you know what I mean. The rest (apart from my amazing freehanded letters) was stamped straight onto the nail.
Well, hopefully you had an awesome free comic book day and got an awesome haul, you can check out my haul over on my instagram. I hope you bought something from your comic book store too, I keep saying this but don’t forget that your stores still pay some pennies for these comics and give them to you for free and buying something too is a great way to thank them for that.
Have an awesome night, I think I might go curl up in bed!

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