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Hope you are all doing awesome. I have had zero motivation for anything other than going to the gym and slumming around playing Hearthstone (which I’m not very good at btw) but this weekend I had an influx of motivation. It might have something to do with a handful of beauties from Polished By Leanne which you’ll see on here later in the week, and my review stuff arriving from Born Pretty, which you’ll also see soon. But today I am going to show you another beautiful polish from Polished By Leanne that has actually been sat in my drafts for a while now, from just before the pointer nail betrayed me.
So a while ago I tweeted that it would be awesome to see some UK indies doing white glitter crellies this year, I love them, I just think they are so pretty and it’s not something you see often from UK indies. Leanne saw my tweet and because she is such a wonderful person, she set out making a custom just for me and gifted it to me, which of course gave me the fuzzies.

Especially since the polish itself is a gorgeous white crelly with a beautiful holo micro shimmer. The photos really don’t do it justice! It’s this opaque in 4 coats but builds nicely and is not thick at all. It works perfectly for the jelly sandwich technique which I tried to show you with this nerdy stamping but didn’t account for the fact that it wouldn’t show up that great in photos and would just look like regular stamping but you can trust me that it does indeed work beautifully. It dries fast and to a smooth, glossy finish.
If you want a polish like this, keep an eye on the Polished By Leanne Instagram as there might just be a similar one coming up in a near future collection, but shhhh, don’t say I told you anything. If you are looking for a custom from Leanne, she doesn’t offer it as a service on her website but just send her a message on one of her social media accounts telling her what you’re looking for and she will definitely let you know if she can help you out.
Keep an eye out for those swatches coming soon!

Where to find Polished By Leanne: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


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