Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakie Glitter

Ooooh, I do love a bit of glitter and when it turns out looking like this it’s even better. This glitter is from Born Pretty Store and this result is without using any gel products, just Barry M Black Forest and Seche.

It comes in this little pot and with a sponge applicator. The flakies are quite small and the pretty much go everywhere when you are using them, especially if you aren’t expecting it, but then who is going to complain if we glitter all the things?

You dab the glitters on, all over the nail, they lay flat and you can see the result almost immediately. If on gel, you can rub them to get a more seamless look but even without gel, the mirrored, chameleon look is fab and is perfect for most nail art.
It did not curl or crack when I applied the top coat and it did not lose it’s slight mirrored look. 

You can also use them with vinyls. These swirl vinyls are from TwinkledT and I applied it as normal.

I then dabbed the glitter over the vinyl, making sure it got in every little space, I gave it a little rub, then I pulled the vinyl off.

You can’t really see in this image but it turned out I had applied the vinyl too soon and it pulled up some of the polish but that doesn’t detract from the prettiness. As you can see in the first image, the swirl was perfect. I’m going to put up a little video on my Instagram later just to show how pretty these glitters really are, so pop on over and give me a cheeky follow @Plus10Kapow.
You can find this glitter here for £1.40/$1.99, this one is 2345 but there are loads of other colours just as pretty. Don’t forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for any non sale items.
Hope you are having a lovely, relaxing Sunday.

Author: Chrissie

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