Espionage Cosmetics BOOM!Box May 2017: Battle of the Badlands

I was quite lucky this month to be sent the May BOOM!Box from Espionage Cosmetics. It’s the first one I have ever received and it’s pretty freakin awesome. If you’re a nerd who also loves nail art and the thrill of getting a box full of awesome goodies, then this is definitely the box for you. But let me show you what was in the May box so you know, you know?!

Drylands Map: This map has various locations from dystopian fandoms, How many can you recognise? It’s printed on both sides to give the look of aged parchment and was created by one of the Nerd Misfits themselves, Jessica Freaxx! Both this and the theme art are completely on point, can someone please teach me how to be better at makeup so I can do the look from the theme art.

Heda Necklace: This BOOM!Box exclusive necklace is just so beautiful. It’s cut from two pieces of faux leather that combine to make the symbol for Trikru and stamped with ‘Jus Drein Jus Daun!’ the Trigedasleng for ‘Blood Must Have Blood!’ I love The 100 and cannot wait to wear this. It comes on a ball chain that is fairly long but some can be cut off to adjust it to your desired length. 

Jordanden√© ‘You’ve got red on you’ t-shirt: This was the thing I was most excited for in this box, mainly because I saw a sneak of this on Instagram before I received the box. I love Jordanden√© tees and tanks and I am going to wear this out, who can resist a Shaun of the Dead reference? The tee is super soft and comfy and true to size and I would definitely recommend checking out Jordanden√© for more awesomeness. I do need to remember that I am not an xl anymore though, I keep getting things in the wrong size.

Wasteland Wanderer nail wraps: these glossy wraps are a reference to the Fallout vault jumpsuits and they look awesome. Perfect for any vault dweller to look their nerdiest during any atomic storms!
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel nail wraps: These nail wraps are awesome and I have wanted these for ages. There is no info in the box for these ones so I’m not sure if there we originally part of the theme, not that I am complaining, I always welcome more awesome.
Dead Inside nail wraps: These wraps proper bowled me over, I love them so much and I want to wear them but I don’t want to because then it means I have worn them and they’re gone. These are The Walking Dead themed, they are glossy and glow in the dark and the fence has a silver foil finish so it looks metallic. They can’t get any better!

I took a bit of a close up of the Dead Inside wraps so you could better see why I am in so love with them. I’ll likely be wearing these soon anyway but tell me these aren’t awesome!!!
A Twinkie: Yes… A Twinkie! This is a reference to Zombieland and Tallahassee’s fervent quest to find a twinkie, they can survive a nuclear war you know?! I love Twinkie’s, they are pretty tasty imo, and they can be either hard to, or expensive to get in the UK. Mine arrived a little bit smooshed but that won’t stop me enjoying it’s spongey goodness. 
Rule #32: Enjoy the little things!
I always will rule list, I always will!

Espionage Cosmetics mini nail file: This was another item that had no info in the box but was a nice added extra. I am constantly searching for a nail file around the house when it comes to doing nail wraps and this is small enough that you can pop it in your handbag or purse to take as an emergency one. Also, look how cute that packaging is!
The BOOM!Box is $30 a month +shipping, which will vary depending on where you are but the value for this month’s box more than exceeds that price point. If you are looking to sign up then pop here and enter code BBKAPOWNX to get $3 off your first month for any new subscription. (can be used once per customer). The next theme has been announced as ‘The Perfect Storm’ which will be arriving in August so you still have plenty of time to sign up. Or if you just fancy buying some awesome wraps, pop over to the shop here and use my code NMA15KAPOW for 15% off any orders over $25.
Stay awesome nerds!

Author: Chrissie

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