Born Pretty Store Fiery Flakies

Today I have these beautiful, fiery flakies from Born Pretty Store to show you. Ya know, at first I didn’t buy into the whole flakie thing but after having so many beautiful polishes and pretty pots of them, I would definitely call myself a fan now. I really enjoy them over black, I think that’s when they look their best and these ones just prove my point.

You get a little pot with the irregular cut glitter in it and you wouldn’t think that it would do very many mani’s but there is a lot more in there than you would think. You only need to lightly dip your applicator in and depending on how you want the flakies to look, for instance, if you want them to look sparse then you could probably do a few nails with that one light dip. 
They shift so many different ways and make for some easy, quick and very pretty nail art. As you can see, you can do them sparse or full coverage and they look fab either way. They apply really easily and lie flat basically straight away. Removal is pretty easy, just a bit teensy bit of elbow grease required.

They are a little bit topcoat thirsty and I did need to put 2 coats on the sparse nails and 3 on the full coverage to get them smooth.
You can find these flakies here for £1.99/$2.59 per pot, this one is #4 but they have 5 other gorgeous and shifty colours available. Don’t forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

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