Born Pretty Store Smiley Face Stamping Plate Organiser

Are you running out of places for your stamping plates to live? Or do you need a fun, temporary home for them whilst you go on holiday, for all your holidaying nail art? Well, let me introduce you to the Smiley Face Stamping Plate Organiser from Born Pretty Store.

The organiser is about the standard size of a long purse, about 16cm x 9.5cm. It has a zip going around both ends and one side and the zipper has a metal ‘BP’ charm on it with a little, colour-matching tassel.

It opens up to reveal square pockets, these pockets fit the 6x6cm square plates, the octagonal plates and the standard sized round plates.

The also fit plates like the mini BBF plates. You get 16 square slots in total, which can be used doubled up so you could fit 32 square/round/octagonal plates in it.
And when you get about halfway, you get to the rectangular plate slots. These slots fit plate like the Born Pretty large plates or the Moyou plates and they definitely, easily fit the standard Sugar Bubbles plates. You get 8 rectangle slots and again, you can double up so these would fit 16 plates.

The one downside on these rectangle slots is that they load from the top, which makes them less ‘roomy’ than the previous Born Pretty pink organiser that opened the slots on the side. This means that you cannot fit the larger size of BBF plates in this organiser. But it’s proper cute and if you’re like me then you are constantly running out of places for your stamping plates to live because you just can’t help yourself.
If you fancy this holder as a new home for your stamping plates, then pop here to grab it for £5.06/$6.59 and don’t forget when shopping on Born Pretty Store that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Author: Chrissie

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