Geek Fuel September 2017

I think that this month’s Geek Fuel was pretty good but let’s see what you think.

Warden: melody of the Undergrowth STEAM Game
‘Wandering an ancient forest with a bedraggled spirit and crotchety kid in tow can be hard, but only if you have no way out.’
This looks like a fun little game and it has been inspired by the N64 era which we would probably like but not sure if Kian would like it. It depends if it has the handholding of other modern games. But I think it will be a fun game, oh and it has a £15 value so, there’s that!

EXCLUSIVE Epic Enamels Cartoon Edition Pin
‘Cartoons don’t always have to be made for the kids! This pin set pays homage to the greatest cartoons ever made for adult eyes.’
Ok, so I was in my late childhood when I started watching most of the Cartoon Network cartoons and I loved pretty much all of them and I still look on them fondly! Powerpuff Girls were great but I really loved Dexters Lab and Johnny Bravo, so it was awesome to get the Johnny Bravo Pin.

But look at all the different ones you could get, that Dexter one is awesome. I also adore the packaging of the pin but I have loved all of the packaging of the Geek Fuel pins, they’re doing it right.
Kubros Buildable Figure

‘Every superhero is a little more invested in saving the life of someone who built them, right? Build your Kubros figure and build undying devotion!’
As you can see, we got the Spock buildable but you could have got a set from any of these franchises; Futurama, Family Guy, Destiny, Power Rangers, Despicable Me, Hellboy, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Star Trek, Masters of the Universe, Terminator Genisys and Aliens.

On the back of the box it has some examples of other sets, look how freakin cool the Skeletor and Master Chief look. This is a fun item and something that you can spend your tie doing so I really like this one. 
Super Soft Shell Plush Toy
‘It’s not quite as damaging as it looks and it’s probably a million times more cuddly. Perfect for throwing at friends and enemies alike!’
Love this. This is a great nerdy and colourful touch to add to your bed during the day, you know, when it’s all tidy and stuff. Kylo really wants to own this but she’s not having it. The tag is also a cute vinyl sticker which I already quickly added to my desk.
EXCLUSIVE Bat-Manga! T-Shirt
‘Batman has been immortalised in various styles over the years, from fun and silly to dark and brooding (and the horrifically campy late nineties Batman.) This month we honour one of the most unique takes on the Caped Crusader comics with our Bat-Manga! inspired design.’
This is a great t-shirt especially because it fits really well. As usual, it’s a good quality t-shirt with a good print on it and I can see me wearing this quite often.
So what did you think of this month’s goodies? If you fancy getting your own Geek Fuel to your door each month, pop over here to sign up.
Stay awesome!

Author: Chrissie

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