Kylo: Diary of a Toy Killer- Loot Crate Ninja

This is a little bit different to the previous Toy Killer entries, because this toy is currently winning! I know, crazy right, but there we go. Loot Pets did good on this one, which to be honest, is not one that I expected to beat her, but here we are. 

Price: Was part of a Loot Pets sub crate but is $9.99 from the ZippyPaws website
Squeaker: 2 large blaster squeakers, still going strong, why won’t you die?!
Time it took to destroy: Currently at 9 months and counting
Level of Destruction: Zero destruction visible, stitching holding strong, ‘fur’ holding strong (even though I keep leaving it out in the rain on purpose and mum has put it through the wash loads), squeakers annoyingly holding strong! I will not let this one beat me, I will keep trying to destroy it, I promise this!

Author: Chrissie

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