Espionage Cosmetics Killer Nail Wraps

Are you all up in the Halloween Hype? My son is away on a school trip so I have done absolutely nothing for it except buy a bag of chocolates for any trick or treaters that may wander off this way. I might dress Kylo up as a Ghostbuster again though because that’s always adorable and because Jim wouldn’t let me buy the massive spider costume for her.

These are the perfect nail wraps for Halloween. I have always wanted to get the splattered mani look but never has the balls to do it. I bought loads of stuff like straws and Poundland polishes but I just kept thinking about the mess and it put me off. But these take all that away and they are glittery too! Also, don’t they make you think of the tv show Dexter?
These have been discontinued and are not currently available but a fun alternative could be the new Dracula wraps but there are loads on there to go with costumes and cosplays. Pop over to the shop here to check them all out!
Are you off out trick or treating now then or cosying up with a spooky movie?

Author: Chrissie

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