Geek Fuel October 2017

This month’s Geek Fuel magazine was a really cool, 3D, Walking Dead cover and it came with some 3D glasses that look like the old View Master, so you could look at it. It had some cool stuff in it with some art work in the inside cover of a milk carton with missing Barb on it. And the back inside cover was also 3D. It’s a fab idea. It’s started off good, let’s see if they kept it going.

Death by Gameshow STEAM game
‘Welcome to the game where you must help U.H. Wutt to prove that all humans are ignorant, and free him from the rehab nightmare he’s been living for far longer than he wanted to.’
Again, this looks like a bright and fun game and it was worth £6.99, Kian has already redeemed it and been playing it an he says it’s fun.

EXCLUSIVE Pac-Bat Magnet Set
‘They’re either here to uphold justice and cute dog pictures, or chase you around thee side of the fridge where your grocery list lives. Regardless, they’re excited to get out of the city.’
I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love mash-ups, I think it’s great how people come up with them and make them look awesome. These are great and they have gone straight on the side of the fridge, where my grocery list lives.

EXCLUSIVE October Things Waffle Pack
‘We’ve always wondered if there was something else to those frozen waffles Eleven snacks on, and this air freshener/ coffee cup/ shirt combo proves our suspicions were well-founded.’
Ok, let me show you the goodies that were in this box before I tell you what I thought about them.

Eleven Waffle Air Freshener
Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation Mug

Eleven of Waffles T-Shirt
These are all great items, the air freshener will be re-gifted because we don’t own a car and have nowhere to put it but I do really love the mug and t-shirt. Sorry to say Hopper, but in this house, mornings are for tea and contemplation but it’s basically the same kind of thing.

EXCLUSIVE Epic Enamels Horror Edition Pin
‘Scary? Sort of. But in the way that it’s totally okay to have these pins when you’re young, but only because you have no idea what the Cryptkeeper is actually keeping in his creepy crypt.’
So this month’s pin is another example of Geek Fuel getting their pin game spot on. This box sleeve looks fantastic but wait, there’s more…

… a box pulls out of this sleeve and it looks like an old school VHS with splatters of blood on it. It’s really bad to think that there is a whole generation of kids that have no idea what a VHS tape is and the agony of going to watch a film and realising that no one did a rewind on it before putting it away last time. None of this instant play shit back then, oh those were the days. Anyway, we haven’t actually got to the pin yet, so let’s take a look…
… and there it is. We got the Cryptkeeper which is awesome but then we would have been happy with any of those pins.
What did you think of the October geek Fuel then? I thought it was awesome and if you did too and fancy signing up, pop over here to get to getting!

Author: Chrissie

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