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Remember, remember the fifth of November…
Ok, so these nails aren’t very fireworky but Saturday’s seem to have become my Espionage Cosmetics day, and these awesome and glittery Steampunk wraps were in my pile of goodness. 
These wraps are glossy and have loads of glitter accents including one super glittery accent wrap. Steampunk fascinates me but I don’t actually own anything Steampunky apart from little metal slices of cogs, so i stuck one to my finger, it’s kind of a coll look, right?!
These aren’t currently in stock but there are 2 newer versions, just pop over here to check them out! Also, for a limited time only, Espionage Cosmetics have opened up the sale of subscriber only wraps, so if you were eyeing up one (or more) of the sets that were only available to Nexus or BOOM!Box subscribers, then now’s your chance! 
Hope you all have an awesome firework night, if you’re in the UK and Saturday if you are elsewhere, but be safe. I’ll be curled up with a very nervous furbaby, it has already started.

Author: Chrissie

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