Loot Crate: Mythical

The October Loot Crate theme was Mythical and was taking a look across the planes and exploring beyond what science can explain, creatures beyond imagination, items from some of my favourite franchises. So I was pretty happy with this month’s crate, let’s see what you think!

EXCLUSIVE Ghostbusters T-Shirt (Licensed by Sony Pictures, designed by Loot Crate)
‘There are strange things all around you, sometimes in your neighborhood. You can feel it. You don’t need Tobin’s Spirit Guide to know ghosts and ghouls and Zuuls may be lurking but no fear! Just put this handy Ghostbuster tee, designed with an ’80s twist, to give you courage.’
I love this tee so much, and I have just purged a load of t-shirts so this one will fit in my wardrobe too. With Strangers Things bringing a small revival to Ghostbusters, it makes my nerdy little heart all fuzzy with delight to see. 
EXCLUSIVE SuperEmoScenes Strange Things Diorama Figure (Licensed by Netflix, Designed by J Salvador/Loot Crate)

‘Research has uncovered and alternate dimension, a plane like ours but cruelly different. A dangerous creature lives here- demonic and powerful, predatory. Very few have faced this monster and lived to tell. We look at an encounter between Eleven and the Demogorgon through the lens of SuperEmoFriends artist J Salvador with a new diorama figure series based on his art: SuperEmoScenes!’
Argh, isn’t this figure awesome?! It’s so cute too! It was really hard to take a single picture of it to show it off but here is 2 more to give you a bit of a look.

It’s awesomely cute, right?!  Great item. and what about that Stranger Things 2? Did you binge it? OMG, soooooo good!
EXCLUSIVE Thor and Loki Figure (Licensed by Marvel, Designed by PhatMojo)

‘Tales of the Nine Realms have existed for centuries but we’ve rarely seen their denizens in our realm. Have you heard the thunder in the distance, even when the sky is clear? Have you seen things that were there one minute and disappeared the next? Then you may be seeing two frequent travellers from Asgard- Thor and Loki. Their rivalry is legendary and represented in this, the second figure of our PhatMojo line.’
I’m not sure that I have ever had 2 figures in a Loot Crate, not that I am complaining, I love figures and am always happy to receive them. As mentioned above, this is the second of the PhatMojo line, the first being the Alien figure from last month. This is the same small scale and cutesy look as the Alien figure and it had to be put together but it is a great quality figure. I look forward to seeing the other figures from PhatMojo.
EXCLUSIVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Mr Pointy” Bookmark (Licensed by FOX, Designed by Loot Crate)
‘Into each generation a slayer is born. For every monster, every wraith or creature that stalks the unsuspecting, there are tales of those that stand against. Slayers are on such line of defenders. you may have heard of their most famous incarnation- Buffy Summer of Sunnydale, CA. As a salute to her service (and to Kendra’s), we offer this laser-cute, poplar wood bookmark in the shape of Mr. Pointy. It’ll help keep your place and make a handy weapon in case of a vampire attack.’
Buffy is another one of my fandom and this bookmark is awesome. Mr. Pointy Bookmark is definitely going to step up my reading and protect me from interrupters. Another fantastic item. I love seeing stuff from older fandoms coming into mystery boxes. Although I am still waiting for Stargate items, maybe Origins will bring that all out of the dusty cupboards. Fingers crossed. 

This month’s Pin (Art by Gabriel Silveira)

‘If you should encounter Dracula, one of the most famous creatures of the night, this pin may get you a pass on the whole draining-your-life-force thing…’
Ok, I’ll be honest, I had no idea that this was Dracula until I checked the little book/magazine. It’s some really fun art and has some great colours on it. The digital goodies that comes with the pin is Thor and Loki for Marvel PuzzleQuest. i don’t play that but I am sure Kian probably does so it will probably go to him.
And the last 2 photos from this month’s crate are photos of the box. This month it turned into Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer.

It’s pretty cool and the way the hammer attaches is pretty sturdy. This would be excellent for a Kids cheapy Thor cosplay. 
If you liked the look of this crate and want to be in for the next loads of goodies, pop here and get signed up, you can get $5 off your first month!

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