Space Inflakers

I have been wanting to do these nails for ages but I ran out of my favourite green polish, Barry M Spring Green. It’s a gorgeous shade and they do not sell it anymore. Seriously, I checked everywhere and could not find it. So I tried to find a match, online, and you know how hard that can be. The best I could find was OPI Front Lawn (this is it) and it’s not a perfect match but it’s about right for what I had in mind. I hope Barry M bring it back. I don’t have any other greens like it in my collection.

So I used 2 coats of Front Lawn and then I topped using these BeautyBigBang flakies and then I stamped in Moyou Black Knight using the Lina Hipster, Geek or Chic 01 stamping plate. The images are quite big and my nails are quite short right now so I managed to place a different part of the image on each nail so they didn’t all look the same.

I added an extra image on top of my thumb using Barry M Cotton and yes, it was supposed to be centred but no, my hand/arm did not want to do it that way and it put it off to the side a bit. It still kind of works. But if anyone asks, it’s meant to be there. 
I am kind of in love with how these flakies look over green. I wonder how they would look over orange?!
What fun things are you doing this weekend? I have had my flu jab today and I’m hoping I get minimal side effects from it but because of that I will probably spend the rest of today looking through all the dog costumes on the internet to see what i can dress Kylo up as this Halloween. it’s tough because it needs to be one without anything on the head, she hates stuff on her head but loves dressing up. Have you seen any awesome dog costumes? Are you dressing your pets up? Do you have photos of them dressed up? Tweet them at me, I love when animals cosplay.
Have an awesome weekend!

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