Kylo tries: goodies

Last week very kindly sent Kylo some Grain Free Dog Food and some Natural Dog Treats to try. Kylo was super excited, not that you can tell from this photo. We have established during this process that she doesn’t like packets to touch her, it does not go well, so we did our best. Obviously we couldn’t try everything straight away so Kylo was not happy, the looks she gave me that day were immense. And for some reason, I decided to take some photos portrait and some landscape so enjoy 😀

The first thing that we tried is this Purina DentaLife treat. Kylo already has Dentastix as part of her regular diet and it was nice to try a different version of dental treat. It smelt kind of weird to me but Kylo was straight on it and nommed it right down.

I took hundreds of photos of this eating ‘process’ and there were some really funny ones, the faces she makes when she eats are so adorable and weird and you get the best shots when you do the fast action bursts. 

As you can see, she enjoy it, she ate it all and it seemed to settle well. It didn’t upset her stomach and you know that’s good for both her and us hahaha. 

I only took a photo of one of the dog foods, but I’m going to talk about all 3 off them. The Huntland Grain Free dog food has a high meat content. Many other dog foods on the market have a low meat content and use rice or grains to pack the food out so it looks meaty but really isn’t. Huntland dog food has 50% meat or fish content and then has plenty of vegetables or potatoes. As a pet parent I was quite excited by these, some pet foods have been known to upset Kylo’s stomach and I suspect it’s the ones with high amounts of filler. 
Kylo was sent the Scottish Lock Salmon with River Trout and Sweet Potato, British Grazing Lamb with Peas & Mint and the Deboned British Turkey with Garden Vegetables and Cranberry. They all sound pretty delicious, they smell like, well, dog food, but the amount of dribble coming out of her mouth just from me opening the packet was crazy. And she loved all 3 of them. The went down a treat with no upset stomach and she seemed to think they were pretty tasty.

They also sent her some natural treats and you get loads in the bag. These ones are the Natural Redfish Skin Fingers chews. They smell pretty much like pigs ears.

The treats are crunchy and Kylo seemed to like the texture of them and immediately came back for more.

So later on we tried one of the Natural Whitefish Fingers treats and we got a similar response from her. These treats are great for their teeth as well.

These are slightly biggers chunks but seem to have the same texture and crunch to them. They also smell like pigs ears.
So Kylo really enjoyed these and after Christmas I am thinking of joining their Bottomless Bowl service so that I don’t have to worry about running out of Kylo’s food and they have treats and snacks in that service too, great for people like me who forget pretty much everything and have trouble carrying heavy stuff. You can check out all their stuff here Online Pet Supplies or if you want to ump straight to the dog section pop here Online Dog Food.
Have an awesome weekend!

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