Textured Snowflake Half-Moon

So, my laptop is being a bit of a dick, you’ll probably have seen me say about this many-a-time if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, and it’s the truth, it’s being a proper dick. I’m having so much trouble with it and my failing brain doesn’t help the matter, like buying the wrong SSD for it and only realising after voiding the warranty. But because of the laptop’s dickishness, I haven’t been able to post as much as I want to, so I have now reinstalled a few things so I can post a bit until I can get the right SSD and hopefully have a functioning laptop.

While I haven’t been able to post I have been getting myself into the Christmas spirit, (not that I need much help doing so) by doing a few Christmas mani’s. The first one I did were these textured snowflake half-moon’s and I pretty much adore them.

Barry M Lady is one of my favourite seasonal polishes, a beautiful, textured white. It’s perfect in my eyes, apart from the fact that they don’t sell it anymore and I can’t find anyone that does and mine is basically empty now *wah* I know that OPI Solitaire is a fairly similar polish and so I might just buy a bottle of that to tide me over.

I stamped using Moyou Black Knight and the Uberchic Christmas 01 plate. No topcoat.


Author: Chrissie

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