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Wild Bangarang is one of my favourite brands, I don’t own many pairs of their leggings, but I do love them so, so much. They are amazing quality, with a print that doesn’t stretch and fade, even on my ample behind, so they are definitely worth the slightly higher price tag than what I would normally pay. My first pair (The Sylvanas ‘Legion’ Leggings) was a present from Jim for my birthday this year and since then I have managed to acquire the Horde leggings, and then this pair makes my third. 
The Bangarang Box is a monthly thing that they do where they put kind of a pre-order up for one weekend, with limited units and it will contain one pair of leggings and one tee under a theme. The October theme was ‘GAMER’ and once I saw that I was in!
The photos in this post are a bit rubbish. I did plan to have proper photos of me wearing them but I’ve been in a lot of pain lately so am not very mobile and I’m having one of those ‘fat days’ that has lasted about a week now, just typical human stuff, man are we fragile! Anyway, I took a load of photos, promptly deleted them all and was left with these.

The leggings are the ‘Player 1 leggings’ and the are actually fucking awesome! They have a fun gradient, with pixelated hearts, potions and embers on the left leg and on the right leg they ‘Player 1’ and the up, down, left and right buttons from a d-pad. 

Even though I love Wild Bangarang leggings, I still suffer from short-girl problems with them and lose most of the bottom details. On the Warcraft armour leggings I have from them, the bits that are supposed to be on my knees are like, halfway down my shin. I hope one day they do a shorter version of each just for us shorties but if they don’t, then it’s still cool, the leggings are still awesome and I will still try to collect them all.

The t-shirt is lush. It’s not normally a colour I would go for in a t-shirt, I tend to go for darker colours but I will definitely wear this. So it’s a pink t-shirt with a purple, pink and red design that says ‘Level Up’ and has the Wild Bangarang 3 Chevron logo on it. The fit was spot on and the material and print feel like great quality and the material isn’t too thick, so you could easily wear a jacket over it and not too thin that it’s see through

You also get some extras in the box that fit the theme and this month the extras were a fidget spinner, a building bricks notepad and pencil, a beaded gamer keyring, a cute, potion bottle style necklace and a little teeny pack of sherbet. I love the stuff that came in my box and I will definitely buy again if a theme comes up and jumps out at me like the gamer theme. I’m even tempted by this month.
Speaking of this month, from this month they have reduced the price down from £37.50 to £30 because they are removing the extras and it is now called the Bangarang Bag and fits through your letterbox. So in the Bangarang Bag you will receive a pair of leggings, a t-shirt and a badge, lolly and wristband. The November theme is Crimbo and it is up now, for this weekend only, with only 90 units available. I’ll be honest, I am tempted by this, I love Christmas and what would be better than an awesome pair of Christmas leggings. Oh and they just announced, and read this in an extremely excited voice, they announced that they have now got an Overwatch license, so we can expect all the awesome from that soon!
Let me know if you grab one.

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