Espionage Cosmetics Pizza in Space Wraps


I don’t know about you, but when I think of pizza in any other context than eating it, I immediately think of the Ninja Turtles, not that thinking of the Ninja Turtles is bad, I’m cool with it and I think Donnie was too. Plus this pizza is in space and the Turtles have been to space. Coincidence? I think not! So me and Donnie are off on a mission but before that, let me show you these pretties.

These wraps applied so easily and perfectly and they look fab in their normal glossy state.

But they also look great with a matte topcoat. I do find myself loving matte more and more these days, especially on the Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps.

Who could they get better, I hear you say?!

 Glow in the dark, that’s how! These have such a strong glow on their own and are so fun!

You can find these here on the Espionage Cosmetics website. These are some of the new 22’s and there are loads more, some of which have just been added, pop over here to have a look at those too.

Bag is from Loot Wear February 2017.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.


Author: Chrissie

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