Wikkid Polish Thermals Dragon Fruit and Lavender

First of all, my nails snapped 🙁 Well, one traitor on my photo hand snapped quite low and it looked silly keeping the others long so I had to cut them all back. The worst thing is that even though I have been taking really good care of my nails lately, it snapped while I was picking chicken off the bone! I know! What a dick! I was proper gutted. Saying that, I am actually loving having these shorties right now and it’s great having short nails for the gym, long nails really stab into your palm when lifting weights.

Anyway, I am still trying to slowly get more indie’s into my collection this year, next stop on the route was another of my all time favourites Wikkid Polish. Now, these aren’t the polishes I bought, I bought 2 and you will definitely see those soon but the lovely Sarah bundled two of her new thermals in with my order and asked if I would swatch them. I obviously said yes and so that’s what I am showing you today.

First up is this gorgeous pink to white thermal called Dragon Fruit.

In it’s cold state (which it was constantly in because it’s freezing and my heating is rubbish) it is a gorgeous bright magenta packed with flakies that show up purple in the cold state.

In the warm state it is a pretty, icy white and the flakies show as green and purple.

It has a fab formula which dries quickly and to a semi matte finish. The above photos are 2 thin coats without any topcoat, although this polish could easily be a one coater.

In this photo I have added one coat of Seche to my thumb, index and middle fingers and one coat of Barry M Matte topcoat to my ring and pinkie fingers. And as you can see, it still transitions between hot and cold with both different topcoats.

The second of these two beauties is Lavender, a light purple to dark purple thermal.

The dark royal purple is Lavender’s cold state and the flakies show up as a beautiful greeny/turquoisey colour which looks great against the purple.

In it’s warm state Lavender is a pretty, delicate lilac shade with the flakies showing up as the same gorgeous greeny/turquoisey colour.

Again, the formula is fantastic and although you probably could work with one thick coat of this one I would recommend 2 thin coats. It dries fast and to a semi matte finish.

And here is a shot with topcoats. Same again, thumb, index and middle fingers have one coat of Seche and ring and pinkie fingers have a coat of Barry M Matte topcoat.

Even in duller light, the flakies in both polishes stand out and look gorgeous and even more so in their warm state, if warm even exists anymore.

Both polishes dry smooth and flat and so you only really need one coat of topcoat for it to be perfect and like I said, even with topcoat, these polishes are really reactive to temperature change, it’s pretty cool. Or hot! haha dad joke ftw. They were really easy to clean up and to remove and when I did take them off there was no sign of stainage.

These are due to be released this weekend and will be £7.50 each, so pop on over to the Wikkid Polish social media accounts below to keep on top of any new info, including solid release dates and gorgeous pourn videos. And for those of you Stateside who really want to get in on this gorgeous indie brand, Wikkid Polish is now stocked on Beautometry which I have also linked to below. I highly recommend any of the flakies or shifty polishes.

Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Beautometry


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