Dialling Abydos

Stargate SG-1 nerdy nails Abydos Glyphs

Stargate: origins has got me so hyped! I absolutely love the Stargate universe and Stargate SG-1 is definitely one of my top, all-time, favourite tv shows and I am really hoping this will open up the Stargate franchise to new things. There definitely needs to be more merch because I would love loads of homeware stuff. I am still sore about missing out on those badass coasters. Maybe QMx will make some more of them now, fingers crossed. And I would loooove a Diablo style Stargate game, that would be awesome af!!!

Anyway, I really wanted to do some new Stargate nails and I wanted them to be galaxy, so I decided to do a gate address. I definitely wanted to have Earth as the point of origin and why not do the planet we see first and most- Abydos.

I used Polished by Leanne The Unknown for the base, then I sponged on some Barry M Cotton right the way across the nails. Then I used Polished By Leanne The Milky Way, Neptune and Boys are from Mars to create the galaxy clouds. I also sponged on a bit of Wikkid Polish Stardust here and there to give it a little extra sparkle.

For the glyphs, I freehanded them using a brush and Born Pretty Store Gold stamping polish and then I lined some shadows in with the same brush and Barry M Black Forest.

Then I topped it all with a coat of Seche Vite.

For the Earth point of origin on my finger, i just painted this on using Barry M Black Forest but honestly, I really like it there and am seriously considering getting it tattooed on. Although I do not have any tattoos and I am phobic of needles so I’m not sure how good an idea that is.

When i was about halfway through this mani, I honestly thought it looked shit and was close to just removing it but I am glad I kept going because I really love it.

Who else is hyped for the return of the Stargate franchise?


Author: Chrissie

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