Dial the Gate!

I am always on the look out for quality Stargate stuffs and in the past it has been pretty hard to find anything. A while ago I bought two Stargate Chevron pins )one orange, one blue) from Prophecy Girl and they were both awesome and glittery, you can see them in one of the photos below, and I thought that was probably my lot for Stargate stuff for now.

But then Kirsty posted this photo to the Prophecy Girl Instagram and the
moment I saw the blue and purple glyph print, I was in, for anything
made from it. I would even buy scraps, it’s that beautiful. Then Kirsty said she was making scarfs from it!!! So when they were due to go up on the store, I stalked it, all day, and bought one literally the second it went up. I am in excited anticipation for anything that this might be made into in the future, shirts? Tanks? Bags? I would love anything, I really would. 

The tube scarfs that Prophecy Girl sell are made from the same peach-soft polyester as their shirts and it is super comfy to wear. You can wear it down normally or you can pull it up over your face like I have done. This material is also pretty light and so this scarf could probably be worn in slightly warmer weather too.

And as a bonus, here is a photo of Kylo beautifully modelling the regular way to wear the scarf.

There are 10 scarf designs on the store for Star Wars, Agent Carter, Buffy, Harry Potter and more fandoms. And some of them are on sale at the moment too! It was dispatched very quickly and arrived within a couple of days of me buying, plus there were some cute stickers included in with my order as always. Those Chevron pins are still available too but not many, so jump on them quickly or you might miss out.

Where to find Prophecy Girl: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


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