My First Proper Attempt At Fluid Nail Art

I have seen loads of people doing fluid nail art and fluid art and resin dirty pours and I am OBSESSED! They are absolutely stunning and I love the effect you get from it. Then I also saw the Sinful Colors transforming top coat polishes and was intrigued, so I bought Rebel Rebel.

The method I used was pour out lines onto my nail art mat, doing the same with other polishes over the top of each other, then I poured on Rebel Rebel, it didn’t really do anything so I gently touched it with my stamper a few times and cells started appearing. Then I lifted my mat and tip the polish every which way and once it was all dry I attached it to my nails and applied a coat of Seche.

The colour went super weird on these photos, my camera clearly hates all the blues.

On my thumb I tried the method it says to use on the bottle, so I applied a coat of Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream and added a few dots of blue polishes and while it was still wet I applied Rebel Rebel, this worked quite well too and the cells started appearing almost immediately.

I really like these polishes and am definitely going to keep an eye out for the others available in the range and I am absolutely going to try fluid nail art a little bit more.

Have you tried fluid nail art? What method did you use?


Author: Chrissie

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