F*ck You Very Much Nails

I don’t really swear that much on here but in real life I swear like a trooper, so when I saw this Creative Shop 121 stamping plate come up on NailArtisan, I had to have it. It’s a very naughty plate but one that needed to be in my collection.

So for my first mani using it, I wanted it to be the sort of mani that people would be like “Ooh you’re nails look pretty, what do they say on them? OH! Oh dear!” and then I would be like, “Yep!hahaha”, and I think I achieved it.

The “Fuck. You. Very. Much.” came out a little bit hard to read because I don’t think I scraped properly but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to try again, yeah I’m in that kind of mood.

For the base on my index and middle fingers I used A-England She Walks in Beauty, a very pretty, rose gold glitter polish. I also used this polish for some of the flowers on the other nails. For the flowers on these nails and the base on the other nails, I used Barry M Lychee with a topping of the unicorn pee polish You Dew You from KBShimmer. And for the leaves I used Barry M Spring Green.

I also added the large “Fuck” from the same plate to my thumb. The images on the plate are etched nicely and stamp really well. I love how clear this one came out.

I love this plate so much and Fuck is one of my favourite words so to have it plastered on my nails is cool. It’s a very therapeutic word, when things are going wrong or you stubbed your toe, try yelling it loudly. It actually makes you feel better, trust me, there’s science in it!

I bought it from NailArtisan for £7 +p&p and you can too! I am trying to plan a mani around the “Fucking Awesome” stamp now and maybe a spermy or dildo mani hahaha!

What do you think of the plate? Would you wear swear words on your nails?


Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “F*ck You Very Much Nails

    1. I know that the Moyou Punk collection 05 plate has a skeleton hand giving the finger, but I’m afraid that is the only one I can think of and I’m not sure if they even still sell that so you would probably have to look on eBay or hope to get it in a destash.

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