I’ve got the Power! And Space! And Time! And…

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet nerdy nails Thanos comic book

I finally got to see Infinity War and my emotions are destroyed! It is an awesome movie but I audibly gasped multiple times and stopped breathing a few times, so I wanted to do some nails for it. I also decided I wanted to go back to shorties for a while.

While these Infinity Stone nails are inspired by old school comic book Thanos, they are directly inspired by a patch and pin set from Clay Graham Art. I love the way the stone pins look and decided to give it a go. All of this was freehand and was done all the while my tremors were
making themselves known. Why didn’t I pick a hobby more suited to
someone whose hands don’t do what they are told 90% of the time?!

Honestly though, I was gutted when I took photos of these because they just didn’t look as good in the photos as they do in real life. Because I used glittery polish for all of them they look fab when the light hits them but that just didn’t translate to photo. But ah well, at least I love them, innit?!

Thumb= Reality. Index= Time. Middle= Space. Ring= Power. Pinkie= Soul Stone.

It’s definitely a Gauntlet to make Thanos a little bit jealous.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet nerdy nails Thanos comic book

My thumb turned out to be my favourite, maybe it was because it was the first nail that I did and it didn’t go wrong at any point.

Polishes used: Wikkid Polish Mellow Yellow for the base
               Polished By Leanne Boys Are From Mars for the Reality stone
               Barry M Spring Green with a bit of KBShimmer A Star is Formed mixed in for the Time stone
               Barry M Blue Grape with a bit of KBShimmer A Star is Formed mixed in for the Space stone
               Polished by Leanne Milky Way for the Power stone
               Polished by Leanne Salted Caramel for the Soul stone
               Barry M Black Forest for the black outlines and shading
               Barry M Cotton for the ‘shine’
               Topped with a coat of Seche Vite

I really loved doing these nails too because it has been an absolute age since I sat down and did some proper nail art that took my most of the day and hopefully I can come up with some more nerdy nails because that’s all I really want on my nails.

Have you seen Infinity War? Thoughts?

Thor: Ragnarok is still my number 1 Marvel movie, I think it’s the best one yet! But Infinity War is definitely a close second.



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