Loot Crate: Artifacts

April’s Loot Crate theme was Artifacts, celebrating powerful objects forged by ancient creatures! This month definitely wasn’t one of my favourites.

EXCLUSIVE The Dark Crystal Notecards (Licensed from the Jim Henson Company. Made by Loot Crate)

“Another world, another time, in the age of wonder… This set of six notecards features iconic artifacts and characters from the world of The Dark Crystal!”

There are 6 cards in this pack, accompanied by 6 envelopes. They are very pretty and I love the art so these likely won’t be used as cards but rather prints, if I can find the perfect frame/s.

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Map (Licensed from Nintendo. Made by Pyramid America)

“Link is great and all, but now you can explore the kingdom of Hyrule (and Termina) yourself with this map! Epona not included.”

This print is fab and on some good quality paper. The photo of it is shit because I didn’t want to unroll it because I want it to be perfect when I get a frame for it. It looks awesome irl though.

LOOT CRATE EDITION Lord of the Rings Weta Mini Epics Frodo with Sting (Licensed from New Line Cinema. Made by Weta Workshop)

“The One Ring may be powerful, but when it comes to awesome Lord of the Rings artifacts, we’d definitely prefer Frodo’s sword, Sting, which glows blue whenever Orcs are around!”

This looks like a Q-Fig, the figure, the packaging, everything and I honestly thought it was a Q-Fig when I first saw it, but I like Q-Figs so that’s a good thing. My only niggle with it was that the base on it was square.

EXCLUSIVE JO3BOT Thanos T-Shirt (Licensed from Marvel. Made by Loot Crate)

“The Mad Titan, Thanos, reclines in his terrifying throne having completed his latest DIY project (collecting the fabled Infinity Stones and conquering the Marvel Universe) on this stylish tee with art from JO3BOT!”

I love the print on this t-shirt which is why I am super disappointed in it! Because I don’t like the colour of the t-shirt (light grey) and the fit was really bad. It felt too short and bunched up constantly at the front of my armpits, by my boobs. So I ended up giving it to Kian and it seems to fit him well, he loves it and he has worn it ALOT since I gave it to him, so I suppose it isn’t a complete loss.

EXCLUSIVE Loot Crate Chalice Pin (Made by Loot Crate)

“Some chalices contain ancient and untold power and we’re pretty sure this one does, too. We just haven’t figured out how to unlock it yet.”

A great little pin which could be applied loosely to many a fandom and could sit nicely with a lot of pin groupings.

Oh, an I didn’t get a photo of it on it’s own but you can see it in the first photo, the box turns into an Infinity Gauntlet, so that was pretty cool.

So you see, it wasn’t a particularly bad month but not a particularly great month either and most of the items were Loot Crate exclusives, although I now believe that means nothing having seen hundreds of the Loot Crate exclusive Widowmaker POP! Vinyls (with the Loot Crate exclusive sticker on) in our local B&M. I feel like Loot Crate are slipping back in to old habits and being down to only one subscription with them, I am kind of hoping this period doesn’t last long and they start being super awesome again soon.

What did you think of this months Loot Crate then?


Author: Chrissie

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