Gaters Gonna Gate

Ok, so you have seen me gush about Prophecy Girl stuff before, especially this amazing Dial the Gate scarf but that’s not the only Stargate items they sell. In fact, they have a new pin, that I bought 2 of and received today. And some earrings that came out recently, so I am showing you all them in today’s post.

I have been a Stargate fan for ages (especially SG-1), since the movie came out in fact, and over the years I have found it super difficult to find Stargate stuff that I really liked. But Prophecy Girl are really nailing it right now and I am excited to see what Kirsty brings out in the near, and far, future.

So you have already seen these Chevrons Locked pins in my scarf post and you’ll have seen them multiple times if you follow me on social media. The pins are coloured enamel, glitter and polished nickel and they come in Command Orange or Pegasus Blue. I obviously had to buy both.

Then a few weeks ago, these dinky little Chevron earrings came out. They are pretty much identical to the pins but about half the size. They are available in both colours and in studs or danglies. I bought both colours in the studs, because I had to, right?! I did intend to wear both of them at the same time but turns out my piercings are really close together (that’s what I get for letting someone who just got their piercing gun do them) so I have bought some red studs, kind of like a dhd, to wear when I wear them and then I might wear one of each colour Chevron.

Then, at the beginning of this week, these amazing Bugging Me pins went up on the site. I have been waiting for these excitedly since Kirsty put up a sneak peek, and as soon as I could, at about 6:30am on Thursday morning, I grabbed 2 of them. 2? I hear you ask! Yes, 2! Because these Replicator blocks tessellate! So cool, right?! I intend to grab a few more of these in the future so I can start building my own friends! Kidding!!! Maybe! haha. These are 35mm in size and are an antique silver nickel.

So if you fancy grabbing any of the Stargate stuffs from Prophecy Girl, you can find them all here. But don’t forget to check out the rest of the shop because Stargate isn’t the only awesome fandom on there, you can find Buffy, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Sherlock and more and they are all amazing designs from Kirtsy’s magnificent brain. Seriously, check out the cool, tiny details on things like the Buffy and Sherlock shirts and don’t forget to mention that I sent you over there!


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