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I have something awesome to show you today! The lovely Suzie from Prism Polish contacted me and asked me if I would like to swatch some polishes from The Infinity Collection, inspired by the Infinity stones in Avengers: Infinity War, and of course I said yes! Prism Polishes are stunning and I am down for anything even remotely comic book related, especially in nail stuffs. So strap in because this is a pretty photo heavy post!


Time is a gorgeous black crelly with green, gold and blue shifting microflakes.

Green is the most prominent colour showing through with flashes of gold and blue. This was best as 3 thin coats or 1 coat over a black polish. Photo shows 3 coats with a coat of Prism Polish topcoat.


Mind is a beautiful gold/green shifting flakie topper with flashes of blue.

It is easily buildable and can be worn on it’s own and built up for a gorge glittery look. It doesn’t feel to heavy or thick when building it up either. Photo shows 3 thin coats with a coat of Prism Polish topcoat.


Power is a magnetic purple multichrome with shifts of turquoise, blue, purple and red.

Power is definitely my favourite of the collection, it’s just absolutely stunning and although the magnet effect hasn’t shown up perfectly on camera, in real life it shows really well. The magnetised lines shift between a bold, royal purple and a gorgeous magenta. I used a line magnet from Born Pretty Store for the thumb, index and pinkie, and one of the multi-lined magnets from the old Barry M Magnetics for the middle and ring nails. Photos show 3 thin coats with a coat of Prism Polish topcoat.


Soul is a perfect, rose gold, super holo.

Although it shows more nude in my photos, it definitely has an orangey lean to it and is a great subtle look for a holosexual. Photo shows 2 coats with a coat of Prism Polish topcoat.


Space is a stunning, blackened multichrome with shifts of turquoise, blue, purple and red.

This one was a very close second favourite for me. The shift is strong and has an incredible spacey beetle look to it. I managed to capture the shift from turquoise/ blue and purple in these photos. Photo shows 3 thin coats with a coat of Prism Polish topcoat but it also works well as 1 coat over a black polish.

The Prism Polish topcoat used is Glaze.

Suzie also sent me the Prism Polish matte topcoat, Frosting to see how some of these polishes look with a matte topcoat, so obviously I mattified all of them.

The green really comes out in TIME when it is matte and the glitter shows as predominantly gold. I can’t decide which way I like it best, both are equally stunning.

I added 1 coat of MIND on top of a few coats of Barry M Watermelon to see how it looks as a topper and mattified that. I really love this as a topper, it adds glitz to whatever polish you put it on.

I really love how POWER looks mattified, especially the bits where I used the magnet as they still show through really well, with the pink showing much stronger in this state.

A coat of matte topcoat over SOUL makes for the most perfect, matte nude. Look how much the holo still shows!

And lastly but definitely not least, SPACE looks absolutely gorgeous and the shift is still awesome.

Every polish had a fantastic, smooth formula, was a dream to apply, dried fast and to a high gloss finish. They were all easy to clean up, although Mind did put up a fight, haha. Also, I highly recommend Frosting, this is one of the best matte topcoats I have ever used, it was smooth every application with no streaks or white spots.

Did you get all of the accent nail art references?

The Infinity Collection is due to release on Sunday 1st July at 12pm, so save those pennies!

Where to find Prism Polish: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


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