Nail Lacquer UK Challenge- June 18 – Playstation Nails

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I didn’t post last month’s challenge mani to here because it was basically just a re-do of my Hulk nails from last years FCBD but that purple was crying out for a Hulk. I’ll post a photo of them at the bottom of this post so you can see them, just in case you don’t follow me on social media.

Anyway, Ave of Nail Lacquer UK made up some gorgeous polishes and set up a monthly challenge. Each person chosen would get 4 polishes named after the coming months (it started with May) and you would have to do a mani using that polish for something special/good that happened to you in that month, then post them before the next month starts.

This polish is June, a gorgeous baby blue with a light green shimmer and silver flakies. The only thing special that happened to me this month was Kian’s 12 birthday. He’s almost a teenager, though you would think he already was with the attitude he has. He’s getting into clothes, hair, girls! And he is officially taller than me. At 12! he’s taller than me at 12 years old! And he is growing out of stuff the minute after you buy it, I’m not even joing on that one.

Most of Kian’s birthday stuff was themed around Fortnite. He is obsessed with it and just like me and Jim, Kian is a gamer, he’s our Player 3 (even if MS has pushed gaming aside a little bit for me). My original plan was Fortnite nails but I struggled to get them right (maybe in the future) so I, on a whim, decided to do these Playstation nails. I was kind of winging this and coming up with it as I went so I am really glad they came out this cute and it’s all freehand.

Polishes used for the button symbols: Barry M Sugar Plum, Barry M Cyan Blue, Barry M Greenberry, Barry M Papaya, Barry M Cotton and Barry M Black Forest.
The mini controller was done using Danglefoot Nail Polish Gallifrey and it was topped off using Seche Vite.

Here was last month’s beautiful polish and here are my Hulk nails using that polish.

The Incredible Hulk nerdy nails comic book Marvel

I used the Hehe Superhero 003 plate for this mani and a random Cheeky plate and Moyou plate for the thumb.

You can see Ave’s original blog post about the challange here.

What special/awesome/fun things have happened to you this month?


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    1. Thank you so much hun, I am so glad you like them. The polishes are absolutely stunning, I have 2 more months left to go and they are both gorgeous as well. :)x

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